5 Language Learning Tricks that Will Work Magic

 5 Language Learning Tricks that Will Work Magic Learning as we all know is essential to our existence. Just like food nourishes the body, acquiring new information nourishes our minds. As correctly said by Albert Einstein, Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. Learning is continuous, and to live a life without continuous learning is unthinkable.

Language learning can be a bit challenging. Apart from the fact that you’re learning the language, you are also learning it’s culture. As difficult as learning a foreign language could be, here are 5 tricks that would make it super easy.

1.Know the learning form that works best for you

Different people have different styles of learning. The first thing you need to discover before learning any language is the form at which you learn best. Listed below are the 3 most common forms.


This style of learning associates information with images. Visual learners learn best when reading or seeing demonstrations, graphs, flow charts and brain maps.


Auditory learners are people that learn best when information is reinforced through sound. They enjoy lectures and seminars, listening to music while studying and will frequently create songs about information to help them remember.


This is the tactile style of learning in which people remember information easier when performing the activity, for example doing laboratory experiments or role playing.

Which ever one of the 3 that works best for you, do take maximum advantage of it, and if possible you can employ all the 3 forms.

2.Subscribe to reputable language learning programs

Learn the language you desire from experts at Justlearn, most preferably the native speakers of the language. These people will teach you the basic principles and rules that govern the language you desire to learn E.g. The CONCORD rule in English Language.

3.Read publications and watch TV programs specific to your areas of interest

There’s no learning without reading. For effective language learning, you need to read books written in the language you desire to learn. Books like magazines and online articles will do just fine. Also, watch TV programs in your language but is subtitled in the language you wish to learn.

4.Evaluate and reflect on what you’ve learned

Take time to reflect on what you’ve learned, and find out how much you’ve learnt. Determine how much you’ve known about the language and how fluently you can now speak it.

5.Apply what you’ve learned

Communicate to people around you using the language. You could also connect with a global network of people that speaks the language using Skype, Social Media and Email. Additionally, you could try to develop yourself by teaching others.

In conclusion, always have a curious mind. Learn as much of the language as you can, don’t be afraid to ask for clarity. Be inquisitive, and if your intent is sincere, there will be people who will help and support you in your journey.