There are many educational resources from YouTube. Students can take these benefits to increase their knowledge about science, math, physics, technology and much more. Find out more about these resources through the links provided below. The topics covered include Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and all science stuff that you need.

Bozeman Science

Bozeman Science is created by Paul Andersen who is an educational consultant and an experienced educator taught science in Montana for 20 years. He mainly explains the nature of science from Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biology Labs, Physics and so much more.

Brian Swarthout from Step-by-Step Science

Brian Swarthout is physics and math teacher at Freie Schule Anne Sophie in Berlin Germany. He is publishing many physics lesson videos. He explains the concept of physics as well as solves various physics problems. If you are looking for physics, chemistry and math tutoring, then watching his Youtube channel is a worth it.

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT makes open courses available to anyone around the world. MIT gives you the opportunity to learn MIT courses for free. The classes are taught by the MIT professors. You will feel like you are in one of MIT classes once you watch their open courses on YouTube.

Lectures by Walter Lewin

Walter Lewin is a physics professor at MIT. Lectures by Walter Lewin YouTube channel is a compilation of MIT OpenCourseWare videos taught by Walter Lewin. The videos are very popular and have views more than 2 million times. He also added lecture videos, links to lectures notes, assignments, solutions and exams solutions.

UCI Open

UCI Open is open course created by the University of California. They publish course materials, video lectures for the public to view, download, and reuse by institutions, professors, students, and learners worldwide. They also cover various topics from different disciplines.

Sci Vis Lab

Sci Vis Lab (The Scientific Visualization Lab) is created by Vassar College. β€œIt was designed to be both a classroom for sessions requiring the use of high-end software tools and a place where Vassar faculty and students can work on collaborative research projects.” Their lab demonstration videos are very useful to students who want to learn how to work and use the correct techniques in the lab. If you have lab class, it is worth checking out their Youtube channel to help you get prepared before coming to the class.


Flinn Scientific which is owned by Flinn Scientific Inc. is a leader in science and laboratory chemical safety. They publish demonstration in lab videos on YouTube channel. The videos are posted for the demonstration on how to work, use lab types of equipment, or experiment in the lab. They cover various topics such chemistry, biology, physics, life science, earth science, physical science, and safety products for high schools and middle schools.


Brightstorm has over 1,300 study videos tutorials covering high school subjects such as Math, Science, English & Test Prep. The channel is also updated on a daily basis. If you are high school students or high school graduate, then this Youtube channel is great to help you prepare for SAT, ACT, APs exams.