Why My College Experience Has Been My Ultimate Help

College Experience A College is a place where I grew and matured. College is not only a place where I learned but also a place where I discovered my true self. My college experience has been my ultimate help in deciding my path in the future. The opportunities and possibilities that I have found are only possible through the experience that I gained while I was in college.

First, my experience in college has given me the necessary knowledge that I need in my field of study. I learned how to think critically and developed a set of essential skills needed in my future career. One of the most important thing that I learn from my college experience is that college has taught me a lot about different kind of responsibilities as a student. I developed time management skills and social life skills. I learn how to prioritize things effectively between essential tasks and less essential tasks. It allows me to finish my task on time and get a result that I wanted. I was also able to balance between my college academic life and personal life.

In addition to learning the necessary knowledge, being in college has allowed me to learn communication skills. For instance, I have learned the principles of public speaking. I learned how to organize talks clearly and deliver them confidently. Learning the right techniques and strategies have allowed me to boost my confidence to speak in public. It probably has made my experience in college the most valuable to my future career success.

My experience in the English course has helped me gain more knowledge and skills in creative writing. My writing skills before I take English course was extremely poor. But after taking English course intensively, it has helped me develop good writing skills needed in job. I write better and faster. I have also learned more about creative writing such as writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry and short story. It was a fun and engaging experience. It truly helped me become a better writer and allowed me to increase my future career opportunities.

In addition to the learning experience, being in college has also allowed me to enjoy social life too. Although it was challenging for me to meet people that share the same values and interests, it was worth to try. Luckily, I met a lot of supportive friends, and we shared common interests. Having supportive friends is great for a study group. We would also exchange important notes. Hanging out with friends was great to kill the boredom from the hectic campus life. It was an amazing experience, and our friendships continued until today.

In summary, my experience in college has been my ultimate help. It has provided me necessary knowledge and skills that I need to succeed in my career and life. It allowed me to transform and become a person that I am today. I would not have got the same experience if I studied in another country. It was an amazing experience for me, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.