Working while in college is a great way to make more money to pay for your college education. But not all jobs are suitable for students. Certain jobs require you to commit to many hours which is not ideal for students who are studying full-time. Here is a list of best part time job ideas for students to look for.

On-Campus jobs

On-campus jobs are probably the best choice for students looking for employment. You don’t need to worry about spending all the extra hours and money commuting to a work place. On-campus jobs also allow you to work between your class hours. One of the best benefits of taking on-campus jobs is to get valuable experience and build connections with your college faculty staff that will help you in your future career. It is a great way to make your resume stand out from others.
Consider these positions if you’d like to work on campus.

  1. Teaching Assistant
    Being a teaching assistant will be an excellent choice. You may need to meet certain requirements. Some colleges or universities often hire graduate students to become a TA for undergraduate students.
  2. Peer Tutor
    If you have completed at least a year of study, you may be eligible to become a peer tutor. You may need a high GPA and strong knowledge in certain subjects.
  3. Administrative Assistant
    Administrative assistants are required to have excellent soft skills. If you have excellent communication skills and other technical skills, this is an ideal job for you. It is an added advantage to have the transferable skills for your future career.
  4. Library Assistant
    If you love staying in a quiet place, working as a library assistant will be a right job for you. It is a great work environment for those who love spending time in a library and helping students find books.
  5. IT Assistant
    If you are a computer programming student or are just good with a computer, being an IT assistant will be a great fit for you. You work to solve various IT problems while developing your IT skills at the same time.
  6. Cashier
    College bookstore always hires students. You can work as a cashier at a college bookstore or a cafeteria.

There are many on campus jobs that you can apply. Make sure you visit your college career services to know what jobs are open.

Off-campus jobs

Don’t be fret if all on campus jobs are already taken. You can still look for other off-campus jobs. But make sure you understand the hour requirements set by the employer. After all, you don’t want to sacrifice your study time. You can also request certain hours and days to the employer in advance so that they can accommodate your needs. You can consider a job such as a cashier at a store, swim instructor, lifeguard, private tutor, gallery attendant, and shelf stocker. These jobs don’t involve much stress which is great for students.

Work from home

An alternate option you should consider is to work from home. You can work as a freelance writer, a photographer or perhaps as a web designer/developer. Freelancing does not require you to commit a lot of hours. It is also a great advantage for students who are busy with their study.