Introverts often find themselves uncomfortable doing a job designed for extroverts. Although they tend to excel in jobs that require a minimal interaction with others, they find it difficult to be accepted in a world of extroverts. Many employers tend to seek an outgoing person to do the job than a quiet person. Being an introvert does not mean that the person does not like people. They just like to avoid interaction with others for most of the time. They prefer to spend their time in a quiet place or atmosphere to perform a job at their best. Being an introvert does not mean a bad thing. Many people who are introverts have become successful in a career. In fact, some of greatest leaders of all time have been introverts themselves such as Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessing be upon him), Moses (peace be upon him) and other religious leaders; Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi and many other world leaders.1

While introverts can work with others, they function better when they work alone. If you are one of these people, you don’t have to worry. There are many best jobs designed for introverts. Here are 10 best career options for introverts.

1. Research Scientist

While research scientists are required public speaking and working with others as part of the job, they spend most of their time working solving problems, analyzing data in the lab. They also earn well between C$42k to C$93k per year.2

2. Statistician

Statisticians are not required to be talkative because they speak numbers louder than words. This job is a great fit for introverts. They also earn enough to live comfortably.

3. Web Developer

Web development job is in high demand in today’s world where everything is becoming digital. They can complete their works at almost from anywhere in the world. They also can earn extremely well. There is no doubt that this job is well-suited for introverts.

4. Graphic Designer

Spending most of the work time on a computer seems like a great idea for introverts. You don’t need to exhaust yourself being around people. Graphic designers earn a good salary too.

5. Engineer

Becoming an engineer can be a rewarding career. There are many career options in the engineering industry that you can choose such as electrical, environmental, chemical, biomedical, mechanical, software, systems, and civil engineering fields. This job requires very little interaction with others which is an ideal job for introverts.

6. Technician

Technicians usually do not require a lot of interaction with many people though they may work together as a team. Technician mostly engages physically on the job.

7. Video gamer or video programmer

People who prefer to work on the computer interacting with the virtual worlds rather than interacting directly with people, being a video gamer or a video game programmer may be the perfect career option for them.

8. Writer

Introverts work on the mind. They prefer to write what is on their mind rather than saying it out loud. They let their pen to roam free exploring what their mind has to say. Being a writer will be the best career option for introverts. Introverts are known to be more creative when they work alone.

9. Photographer

Wandering around the world taking beautiful photos seems a perfect job to do for introverts. They can work and travel alone to do the job without too many interferences with other people.

10. Farmer

Farmers mostly work in the field interacting with nature. If you love working with hands and nature, this is a perfect job to consider.

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