5 Tips for Easy Essay Writing

Tips for Easy Essay Writing Any high school or college student encounters essay assignments on a regular basis. They can be stressful, especially in classes where essays make up the bulk of assignments or tests. If you’re struggling with writing essays, here are 5 tips for easy essay writing.

Essay Type

Before you get started, know the characteristics of the four major kinds of essays. Narrative essays can be written in the first person to tell a story and persuasive essays are written to convince the audience of something. Expository essays are written with facts to present an analysis, and descriptive essays are written to analyze the deeper meaning of the essay subject.

Know the Assignment

Reread the assignment brief and go over any grading rubrics you’ve been provided. If the professor hasn’t provided a grading rubric, ask for one. Keep this list handy so that you can fulfill all aspects of the assignment (don’t forget to use the right style format!). You can use those main points to create an outline.


Gather your sources and create your bibliography or works cited first. This way you can quickly cite information as you write. Using the assignment information, outline the essay as fully as you can. Start with an introduction paragraph, which you should end with a strong thesis statement. The next paragraphs should begin with the paragraph topic sentence or claim, and then continue with your supporting evidence. End with a strong concluding paragraph to wrap up the goal of your essay.

Get Help

Don’t be afraid to take your outline or rough draft to your professor. Many will be willing to go over the paper beforehand with useful feedback. If your professor ends up saying no, feel free to take it to the campus writing center or find a tutor. Almost all college campuses have free resources and tutoring services for their students. You should be able to make an appointment and speak with an expert that can help with your essay subject.


Make sure you go over your paper at least one more time when you think you’ve finished. Double check that you’ve met all the requirements and you haven’t let any grammar issues slip through. Run spell check or even an online grammar check program to catch any lingering typos. This could save you a point or two when it comes to grading.

When you dissect the essay components, the whole task becomes easier to handle. If you create a strong outline and leave time for editing, the writing aspect can feel like a breeze.