Win tuition for your first year

win tuition Are you a first-year student? Take the opportunity to win free tuition for your first year. Many universities offer this type of awards for future students. To participate in this program, students must be registered as a new incoming student in the university. The winner will be selected by a draw before the day of school begins.

Here are some of the links to university websites that offer Win Free Tuition Contest for first-year tuition.
It’s important to visit the university/college websites often to see if there will be another “Win your tuition” contest for the following year.

Trent University

Two ways to enter

    1. Enter the draw to win free first-year tuition every time you visit Trent University. Visit or attend Trent’s events and have a chance to win their first-year tuition.
    1. Ask questions through their website. Your question will be answered and entered into a draw for a first-year tuition.

Visit the website to participate.

York University

York University website has contest page that you can fill out an application to winning a year free tuition. All you need to do is read the contest rules and fill out the form. You will be entered to win FREE Tuition and FREE BOOKS for one year.

Visit the website to participate.

University of Regina

University of Regina Win a Year of Free Tuition contest
Rules and Eligibility:

  1. Awarded to an undergraduate student who is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected person and who is applying for admission for the first time into an undergraduate program in the upcoming Fall semester by the priority deadline.
  2. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours in each of the upcoming Fall and Winter semester at the University of Regina to receive the award.
  3. To receive the Winter portion of this award, the student must achieve a minimum UGPA of 65%.
  4. Recipients of this scholarship may not be eligible for other entrance scholarships funded by the University of Regina.

Visit the website to participate.

The University of Western Ontario

The University of Western Ontario contest

  • First prize $5,500
    1. $3,500 for Western tuition
    2. $1,000 for Campus Meal Plan
    3. $1,000 for Campus Computer Store
  • Second prize $3,000
    1. $1,500 for Western tuition
    2. $1,000 for Campus Computer Store
    3. $500 for Campus Meal Plan
  • Third prize $1,500
    1. $500 for Western tuition
    2. $500 for Campus Computer Store
    3. $500 for Campus Meal Plan

Visit the website to fill up the form

University of Western Ontario Win Your Tuition contest

  • Grand Prize (1 winner)
    The winner of the Grand Prize will receive a payment of the winner’s 2017/18 academic tuition to a maximum payment of $8,000.*
  • 2nd Prize (1 Winner)
    The winner of the 2nd Prize will receive a Campus meal plan credit of $2,000.
  • 3rd Prize (1 Winner)
    The winner of the 3rd Prize will be given a gift card from Western Bookstore at the value of $1,000

Visit The University of Western Ontario website to enter

Humber College


  • Win $5,000 toward your tuition at Humber College
  • will be required to answer a skill testing question.

Visit to enter

Mohawk College


  • $6,100 in tuition credits

To enter, an eligible entrant must confirm their Summer/Fall 2017 Offer of Admission into an eligible program at Mohawk College, paid the fee for the first semester of an eligible program, and answer the skill-testing question.

Read the contest rules

University of New Brunswick


  • The prize has an approximate retail value of $6,187.

Read the contest rules to know the rules, regulations and how to participate.

If you apply to any of these universities or colleges, make sure to take the opportunity to enter the free tuition contest.