How to Prepare for Your Off Semester

How to Prepare for Your Off Semester

You have been grinding at the books and burning the candle on both ends in school, which means you are more than ready for a semester off. However, your time away from school can still be extremely valuable to your professional development. Here are some ideas for what to do.

Plan What You’re Going to Do

You should begin formulating a plan for your off semester several months ahead. This will provide you with greater freedom to seek out the best experiences. If you are considering applying for an internship, do this well in advance. Internships give you excellent on-the-job training and can be a solid resume builder. You might also consider getting a job to save money for when school starts back up. Many companies are struggling to find workers in the wake of the pandemic, so your options are virtually limitless. Finally, think about going on a service trip. There are many possibilities for this, and there is no better way to grow as a person and utilize your talents for good.

Put Your Stuff in Storage

One problem many students encounter with an approaching off semester is what to do with their stuff. If you aren’t going home or if you live too far away to take everything home, you can rent a storage unit near your dorm. Storage units are priced by size, and it can be quite affordable to rent a small space. Some units are even controlled for temperature. However, be prepared. You may have to provide your own storage lock depending on the storage company.

Have Your Mail Forwarded

When you are a student, it is easy to forget that various people and institutions need to know where you are. Be sure to change your address with anyone who might need to contact you. This includes the college or university where you attend, the apartment complex where you reside, any utility companies that you pay directly, your bank, the credit card companies you use, your current employer, medical centers you have visited, magazine subscriptions, and friends and family. If you will be returning to the same housing, you might prefer contacting your local post office and having your mail forwarded.

Even though you are pausing your schooling for a time, you don’t have to pause on your development. Off semesters provide you with occasions for service and growth that you wouldn’t be able to get during school. Take advantage of this time by choosing a worthy opportunity and going for it!

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