High-Paying Careers That Require Specialized Degrees

Career Earning a high salary is the goal for many individuals seeking to live in comfort and have the expendable income necessary to enjoy vacations, holidays, a nice home, sending your kids to college, and other great things. But earning a high salary is a privilege reserved for the very top percent of earners in the country and the world at large. Getting a high-paying career often requires having a special skill or knowledge, which often requires getting a specialized degree. Here are three incredibly high paying careers that require a specialized degree for entry into the field.


The first high paying profession that requires a specialized degree is becoming a medical doctor. Becoming a medical doctor offers you nearly limitless earning growth potential, especially if you end up starting your own practice. But becoming a medical doctor of any specialty is going to require years and years of school. First you will have to complete your undergrad where specializing in biology can be useful, followed by another four-year medical school program, followed by your residency period, where you will be working lots of hours for minimal pay. If you can stick with it, however, with years comes great freedom and financial security.


Another high paying career choice that requires a specialized degree is becoming a lawyer. Lawyers work in all capacities from business and government to the criminal justice system. A public defender is paid for by the government to defend clients that can’t afford a lawyer. Working as a public defender is a great way to work towards higher government positions such as a DA or even becoming a judge later on in your career. In order to become a lawyer, you will need to get a law degree, which is a three-year program, and then be certified by the BAR association.


Another very high paying career that requires a specialized degree is becoming a psychiatrist. Many people are called the field of psychology to help people understand their mental health, but because we are dealing with health and illness, becoming a psychiatrist is just like becoming any other kind of doctor. You do, however, need to get a specialized psychiatric doctorate which is a medical doctorate. This can require years of additional schooling to achieve.

Getting a high paying career is not easy. But having a specialized degree can make it easier for you to achieve great things beyond your education. If you are considering any of these professions, know that you will need a specialized degree to pursue it.

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