Attending college is one of the exciting adventures. However, the transition from high school life to college life is quite challenging for some people. The workload is likely to be more challenging and more difficult than high school. College is not only a place where you acquire knowledge but also the place where you can make new friends, embrace the different experiences & cultures and take huge strides toward independence and adulthood.

Adjusting to college life can be difficult and challenging, but if you know how to go about the transition, it will help you make the most of your experience in college.

1. Understand the responsibility

College life is a very different than high school life. In high school, you probably live with your parents, and they manage most of your finance but not in college. It is why learning how to handle your finance before you get into college is a must. If you ever think about getting a part-time job as a student, you will need to know how to manage your time. College assignments and exams are more challenging than high school assignments and exams. You need to prepare yourself well. It is your responsibility to attend class to avoid missing valuable information about assignment or lectures.

2. Patient is a key

If you live with someone in a dorm, you need to learn to be patient living with others. Although you may use to live with your sisters for most of your life, it is completely different if you live with others especially if they have a different personality than yours. If you learn how to be patient, you’ll be prepared to deal with any kind of situations you may encounter in the future when you live with a roommate.

3. Build a good relationship with a roommate.

You probably will spend most of your college life with some people, especially with your roommate. And for that reason, you need to build a good relationship with your roommate to help you both feel comfortable with each other and make the most of your experience in college. You can invite your roommate to dinner or participate in some events. Just remember the phrase “From Good relationship to good friendship.”

4. Get involved outside of the classroom.

There are many ways you can do if you are looking to get involved outside of the classroom. You can join some events held on campus or do volunteer with an organization. It is a great way to gain experiences as well as meet new people.

5. Know how to deal with homesickness

The best way to cure your homesickness is making yourself comfortable at college. There many ways to do to reduce your homesickness. For example, you may try local foods or cook your home country food, explore the new country, spend your time volunteering, send gifts to your parents, call your family once a while when you have a chance, and the most important thing is to make your new home a home.