Things You Should Do or Not Do on Social Media for Networking and Job Searching.

Things You Should Do or Not Do on Social Media for Networking and Job Searching Internet use has exploded across the world ever since the rise of the global network more than two decades ago. Today, it has billions of users, with millions more being put online with each passing day. One of the most popular platform where internet users spend lot of their time is social media. It has the ability to reach millions of people in an instant. This has made it an excellent avenue for those wanting to get connected to the world, be it for personal or business purposes. Although social media can become a huge distraction in our daily lives, it can be helpful if we use it right.

Here is a list of things you should do or not do on social media for networking and job searching.

1. Think before you post something on your social media.

Social media is like a mirror of yourself. If you post something inappropriately, you will be judged by it so be careful what you say on social media.
If you are upset about something and want to pour your emotion on social media, try to set your post to private so only you can see it. Then see it again in a few hours after you posted it after you are calm down, then ask yourself, “is it okay for people to read and know about what I am upset about?” If not then delete it. That way no one know what you are upset about and you won’t regret it. Remember! Once it is posted publicly, you can’t undo it because by the minute you post it, everyone knows. Your future employer may look you up on social media before they make decision whether or not to hire you so be cautious what you do on social media.

2. Use it to share something positive

For example, use it as a platform to share your achievement or even write something positive that will motivate others to do good. Remember, you need to build a good reputation on social media to attract sympathy from any possible future employer so this is the first to do it.

3. Follow company or business pages to get information.

If you want to apply for a job at certain company, you need to follow their company page on social media to get the latest information. The more you know about the company, the better you answer the question on the interview. You may also get notified about job vacancies easily when they post it on social media.

4. Use it to network

Not all social media is the same so use one for the right purpose. For example, if you want to connect with professionals, use LinkedIn since it is designed for professional networking. Facebook on the other hand is different. It is social media network mainly for friends and family so it isn’t wise adding someone you just know from a job fair, for example, on Facebook. Only add them if you are already their friend or already working with them for long time not just an acquaintance. If you want to look for a job on Facebook, join groups of people with same interests and network with them, or ask your friends on Facebook which company they know is hiring. They may be okay to become your reference.

Another popular social media is Instagram. If you want to get exposure to modelling or apparel brands, use Instagram instead and show the best of you. That way you may get noticed by big brands and offered a job opportunity. If you are on Twitter, search and follow job opening hashtags to know which company is hiring now such as

5. Last but least is leave a good digital footprint.

Once you publish your information on the Internet, it’s going to be permanent so better leave a positive digital footprint or reduce your exposure to it. Take a note! Use what and when it is necessary.

Social media can be your friend or your enemy. But if you use it wisely and appropriately, it will become a huge help in getting you a job or connect with professional employers.