Hit the Ground Running in Your Teaching Career With These 3 Tips

Hit the Ground Running in Your Teaching Career With These 3 Tips Just about everyone has at least one teacher who has inspired them to become a better person. For some, that inspiration leads them to become a teacher themselves. Being able to shape the minds of the younger generation gives you an immeasurable amount of influence. If you want to make the most of your teaching career, you need to put your heart and mind into it.

Engagement is Key
Do you remember being in school and having classes with teachers who were unbearably dry? They would read straight from the textbook with no emotion in their voice and without seeking any input from you or your peers. To be an effective teacher, you need to engage. Present the material in a lively fashion by asking a question related to the topic before you introduce it. For instance, if you’re teaching history, you can ask your students a question that puts them in the shoes of somebody from hundreds of years ago. Reading Horizons suggests, “come up with fun and unique ways to get students engaged. Games are always a great way to help improve recall and memory, and also help the students learn.”

Target Life Skills for Success
The purpose of school is deeper than just learning information. You need to give your students skills that will stick with them well into their adulthood. Middle schoolers need to learn how to become their best selves so they can succeed in high school and college. According to Bags in Bulk, “middle school students should focus on reading skills, memorization techniques, study skills, interpersonal skills with both peers and adults, and focus.” This isn’t done in one day, but through consistently working to make a connection with your students.

Provide Emotional Support
The relationship between a teacher and their students can be very special. You’re not their parent, but you do have something of a parental authority with them. This includes recognizing them when they do things well and disciplining them when they’re disobedient. Catapult Learning continues, “you will see your students struggle, and it will be difficult for both of you, but you need to be there for them. You never know what someone is going through unless you lend an ear. Help your students feel safe that they can come to you for advice or help.”

Being a teacher means learning as much as you teach. You might know the curriculum and be answering the questions of your students, but you’ll be learning new things about them and about yourself on a daily basis. Every day will be different, some better than others. As a teacher, you will be growing and helping your students grow along the way.

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