Top tech trends to flourish in the year 2018

tech trends We always know that technology is growing by leaps and bounds. The trends which were seemingly relevant until yesterday becomes obsolete the next. In this article, we have highlighted trends that will be ruling the year 2018.


The boom in cryptocurrency has recently sparked interest of everyone in the world. It was a gradual force but now everywhere we see there is a talk of cryptocurrency especially Bitcoins. This currency is stored in an online wallet called Blockchain. No banks or middle men are involved where you need to store your currency.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is unparalleled. Life like visuals and immersive experience leaves you in a state of awe. A person can’t help but marvel at the advancements technology has made. Up until recently, this piece of technology wasn’t available to general public but now more and more people are consuming the experience. Manufacturers of VR have even launched their own headsets and this tech continue to grow in the year 2018.


Drone technology can be increasingly observed by the media outlets to provide an aerial footage of an important political event, rally, concert and etc. point being it is frequently utilized in by media groups. Soon companies will be employing the drones for keeping track of deliveries/orders with it. Amazon and Walmart are already utilizing drone technology in their deliveries.

Smart homes

Smart home technology is becoming widely popular as well. People with the help of smart home technology are able to combat a number of incidents such as burglary or damage due to extreme weather conditions. Companies are investing in smart homes tech so that people can feel protected as well as drive comfort in knowing that there are products available.
Products like heat and air conditioning are embedded in smart home technology.

IoT sentient tools

IoT stands for Internet of Things where everything from your washing machine, car, home, mobile devices, TV and you name it are all connected with one another. Since the trend is on the rise and so has IoT based sentient tools. These tools are used for building context, social interaction and the overall environment. Examples of such tools are collaborative robots and machine learning algorithms.

Augment reality for B2B

The biggest example of AR can be understood from the success of Pokémon Go and this potential will be carried forward even in the year 2018. Why? It is because businesses have begun to capitalize on the technology. Consequently, competition is going to be tough amidst rival companies.

Driver less driving

Since technology is evolving, the future of driverless cars is here. Tesla introduced us to his driver less vehicle or the “Autopilot” technology in the year 2015. I will not be surprised if car manufacturers haven’t since then started to invest heavily in creating driver less experience for its customers.

Unveiling could not be very far. Most probably, 2018 is going to be that year. And no, it’s not wishful thinking anymore.

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