10 Ways to Stop Procrastinating in College

Stop Procrastinating Procrastination is one of the college students’ enemies. Many students often tend to put off important things until the last minute. It can hurt your grades if you don’t stop it.

Here are 10 ways to stop procrastinating in college.

1. Get off from social media

Social media is the first thing you need to avoid. It draws you in making you spend more time on it than you have anticipated such as browsing through Facebook ads, friends’ posts or responding to comments. So deactivate all your social media accounts to avoid distraction.

2. Avoid watching TV

TV is one of major distractions. It’s very hard to stay out of it once you get glued to the screen. You can ask family members or a roommate to hide the remote and TV cable so that you won’t be tempted to watch tv until you complete your tasks.

3. Turn off your cell phone if necessary

Can’t keep your hand off your phone? Turn it off or keep it away from yourself. That way, you avoid an easy access to your phone causing distraction.

4. Have someone to keep you on track.

Ask your rommate or family to check on you and keep reminding you of your tasks and making sure that you are keeping to it. That way, you will be right on schedule.

5. Have enough sleep

You need enough sleep to be able to function well. Have 7-8 hours of sleep. You will feel rejuvenated, stay alert and have the maximum concentration to complete your tasks.

6. Get organized

Begin with the most complex tasks and work your way down to the simplest ones. You can also create scheduled check list. It makes it easier for you to do your tasks.

7. Decline any social invitations and engagements if you have assignments due or exam coming up

Have assignments due or exam coming up, and your friends invite you to hang out? Turn it down politely. Sometimes hanging out just for few minutes can turn into hours when you’re having fun with friends. Remember! you have important tasks to do. Get them done now and hang out later!

8. Block distracting websites

Can’t keep your eyes off one of those funny cat videos? Program your computer or browser to block websites that are distracting such as Youtube and social media websites. For example, you can use Freedom, Self-Control, Cold Turkey, Focus Booster, StayFocus, LeechBlock, Focus, Rescue Time, and Focus Lock to block distracting websites.

9. Find a quiet work place

Find a quiet place to study or do your assignments. You can do your assignment in seclusion or at a library to avoid distractions. It allows you to focus and concentrate on your study or assignments.

10. Do it now

Why wait when the time does not? The clock is ticking, so it’s time to get going and get up from your slumber. Don’t hold on when you have the chance to get everything done now.

Procrastination can be a major deterrent to your success. Following these simple steps can go a long way to avoiding procrastination and make you achieve your goals in college.