Moving to University? 3 Things to Do with Your Extra Stuff

Moving to University Going to university is exciting. Not only will you be meeting new people and learning information and skills that will help you in your future career, but you’ll also be moving out of your parents’ house. You’ll be living on your own for the first time whether on campus or off campus. But with the transition into a new living situation, you might find that you need to pare down on the number of things that you own so that you have enough room in your new, smaller place. When you include a few simple steps before you pack, you’ll have enough room to keep your new place organized.

Donate It
If you’ve been thinking about getting rid of something that you rarely use but don’t have the heart because, hey, it still works, consider donating it. You might have clothing that still has the tags on it; but if you haven’t worn it in over a year, it’s not likely that you’ll suddenly begin wearing it. There are plenty of people to whom you could potentially donate your old items. For instance, if you have younger siblings who are constantly admiring your style, they’re ideal recipients for some of your clothes. Friends and thrift stores are other likely candidates. Some companies can even pick up your donations for you if you don’t have a car or other transportation.

Store What You Can’t Take
When you move out of the house, you never know what your parents intend on doing with the old room. They might want to convert it into a guest room or make it an office. If they want your things out of the house, you need to find a place to put them. Finding a storage unit near your university is a great option because you can keep things nearby so that you can find them when you need them. Look for some tips to make storage easier for you and your parents. For instance, you could look for a storage unit that lets you pay for several months upfront so that you don’t need to remember to pay the bill every month during your busy schedule.

Sell It
You never know how much money you have tied up into your clothes, furniture, and other items that no longer serve a purpose. You can sell to physical or online consignment shops before you leave your parents’ house. With all of the money you make, you might even have enough to cover books and other university expenses.

When you’re moving away to university for the first time, you need to come up with a few techniques to make your moving experience easier and your living environment more practical. Start sorting through your possessions well in advance of moving day so that you have plenty of time to find the best options for all of your possessions.