What You Need to Get into a Graduate School

graduate school

Are you interested in continuing your education by pursuing a graduate degree? If so, you’ve likely realized that you’ll need to go through a graduate school application process before you can continue your journey as a student. Here are a few things you need to know or do to get into graduate school.

Get a Letter of Recommendation

First, you’ll need to get a letter of recommendation as part of the application process. Different graduate schools will have different requirements for letters of recommendation. Some schools might want you to submit two to four letters of recommendation from professors, colleagues, supervisors, and more.

Other schools might not care so much about quantity and care more about quality. They might be more interested in reading a letter of recommendation from someone who has worked directly with you in a field related to the one that you’re going to study. Make sure that you’re familiar with the graduate school’s requirements for letters of recommendation. Then, choose individuals who you think would write the best recommendation for you.

Take a Test

Next, to get into graduate school, you might be required to take a standardized test such as the GRE, LSAT, OR MCAT. The GRE, or Graduate Record Examination helps to test you on analytical skills, quantitative reasoning, and specific subjects to determine if you’re prepared to continue with graduate-level coursework. The MCAT is a standardized test designed to test potential medical school students to see if they’re knowledgeable enough to pursue a medical degree.

The LSAT tests reading comprehension and verbal and written reasoning skills in preparation for a law degree. If you want to get into law school, you need to take the LSAT after getting your bachelor’s degree. Different graduate schools will have different test requirements. Some graduate schools have started to waive requirements for general tests such as the GRE. Make sure that you research your ideal school so you’re prepared to take any required tests.

Show Your Experience

Finally, to get into a graduate school, you’ll need to show your knowledge of and experience in the field you want to study. For some graduate schools, it will be sufficient to include records of your undergraduate major and coursework. Other graduate schools might want you to have industry experience in working positions before continuing your education. They might want you to have a few years of work in the workforce under your belt, or might expect you to have certifications, licenses, or professional portfolios. Make sure that you know the experience requirements for your graduate school before you start the application process.

So, if you’re planning to apply to graduate school soon, remember these details of what you’ll need to get into graduate school. You’ll need to get a letter of recommendation, take a standardized test, and show your experience, among other personalized requirements. The more prepared you are, the stronger your graduate school application will be.

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