10 Careers for Adventurous Students

10 Careers for Adventurous Students Adventurous spirits are few and far between, but students can find exciting careers in any field of study they choose to pursue. Here are 10 jobs that provide reasonable income and satisfy your craving for the unknown.

1. Content Writer

Content writers produce articles for publications, both online and print. Subjects vary, but this job requires near-constant travel no matter what you write about. It can take you to unpredictable places you’ve never dreamed of going to, and you get to create something with your name on it to show it to the world.

2. Filmmaker

Filmmaking is the content creator’s dream career. They have a hand in writing scripts, developing characters and stories, setting landscapes, and putting it all together into one massive project. Those interested in a fully immersive hands-on career should consider filmmaking.

3. Deckhand

One of the more physically demanding careers on this list, deckhands perform all the duties necessary to keep a fishing or commercial ship fully operational. This job will take you across oceans and into waters you didn’t know existed. An education in sailing or marine biology helps, but any nondisabled person interested in an outdoor career can learn the trade in a reasonable amount of time.

4. First Responder

The term “first responder” applies to all individuals who put themselves in harm’s way to help their community: police, firefighters, paramedics and EMTs. Those who thrive in chaos often gravitate toward these positions because of the high risk and stakes involved.

5. Stunt Performer

If you’re an athletic individual looking to put your body to the test, this could be the career for you. Stunt performing provides the opportunities to work on all kinds of TV shows and movies, both indoors and outdoors, doing things that make viewers jump out of their seats. This profession requires a different type of education: training in fitness, martial arts and learning things the hard way through bumps, bruises and breaks.

6. Airline Pilot

Airline pilots perform one of the essential duties of the modern world: take people and precious cargo to their destinations over long distances. You’ll get to travel the world, spend days and nights in the largest cities, and see breathtaking landscapes and cloud formations. This profession is in high demand due to staff shortages brought on by strict COVID-19 protocols, so if you put in the effort, you can become a full-time pilot sooner than you think.

7. Auto Technician

This might be one of the more stationary jobs on the list, but what it lacks in mobility it more than makes up for in practical skills and style. Auto technicians understand the ins and outs of cars, the things that keep us moving every day. You can specialize in military vehicles, sports cars or whatever vehicle you’re most interested in for bonus style points.

8. Fitness Trainer

Fitness training is a high-demand profession that requires discipline and teaching skills. This career is unique in that you get to better yourself while helping others reach their goals. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a college degree to enter this profession. You must acquire a respectable fitness level and earn the proper certification, and then you’ll be on your way to helping clients in no time.

9. Marine Biologist

Many of us enjoyed studying ocean life as children, and those who become marine biologists get to live out those childhood interests. They spend most of their time at sea collecting fish and plant life samples, then studying and learning about them. It’s the perfect career for students who like the outdoors but also need a quiet environment to work in, like a lab. This is no childish profession, though. Marine biologists play a critical role in preserving the health of our oceans.

10. Astronaut

Often the first “adventurous career” that comes to people’s minds, we rightfully hold astronauts in high esteem. Extensive education and training are required to become an astronaut, and few make it to that level. Those who succeed have arguably the most fascinating career in the world. If an outdoor job isn’t extreme enough for you, take it to the next level and try your hand in space.

Adventure Is Out There

If you’re an adventurous person or just a student who likes the outdoors, you have career options in a wide variety of fields. However, nothing worth having comes easily. You must put in the time, resources and effort to succeed in these professions. Trust your dauntless spirit, take a leap of faith and pursue one of these careers for adventurous students.

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Ginger Abbot is a freelance writer and the Editor-in-Chief of Classrooms, an online learning magazine for students, graduates and educators.