Three Free Tools All Students Should Take Advantage Of

Free Tools It’s a constant struggle for students: college tuition just keeps rising, year after year. Being college students and graduates ourselves, this crisis hits pretty close to home. Since we students aren’t getting any richer during this tuition crisis, all of us might have to take extra measures to save money on education. Here are some free resources our fellow college students can take advantage of to further their education for less money.

Google Docs

Google Docs, which is available to the general public for free, is quite useful for college students and professors. It has a few features that make college life easier. Google Docs eliminates the lag time that comes with e-mailing drafts back and forth for editing. It also makes it easy to find documents shared amongst group members.

Google Docs has most of the great features that have made word processors the staple they are in education. These include features like spelling checkers, formatting options, a huge collection of fonts, and a word counter tool.

Google Docs is also a great collaborative product. It offers an editing tool that allows group members to make changes to a shared document. Changes are updated automatically, and team members can see the changes in real-time.

This feature is also great for teachers for grading rough and final drafts, and it can help to eliminate the anxiety you have while waiting for grades to post. Results are fast, and it’s easy to view and navigate through the professor’s comments.

Khan Academy

This extensive resource is run by a non-profit organization that assists learners at their own pace. Lessons are taught in pre-recorded sessions, and you can pause and rewind them at your own convenience.

You can even test your knowledge and earn virtual trophies with fun quizzes. These quizzes test whether you have the smarts to excel to the next level. Khan Academy offers free tutorials in the following subjects:
Arts and Humanities
Test Prep


Although Kahoot! is frequently used by secondary school teachers, it serves an educational purpose in college classrooms. Teachers can make their own quizzes to test students or choose from a pool of free related quizzes from around the world.

Students can set up a Kahoot! account too and use it in the same way as a teacher. It provides quizzes from a wide array of subject matter that students can quiz themselves with to prepare for tests and assignments.

Furthermore, it’s fun and interactive due to its game-like structure and is even more fun with a partner or group. You can compete to earn points for speed and accuracy in a timed game setting.

The above resources are great for adding ease and convenience to your busy college life. When you’re in college, it’s always a great idea to find as many free resources as possible to help you understand what you’re learning in a way that makes sense to you.