List of Educational Resources

Educational Resources Below are nine educational resources for students. All the sites are very well built and cater to specific educational niches. Each site is well worth looking at, and I could recommend any of them as learning tools.

Zane Education

Zane education offers homeschooling learning tools as well as resources for students inside a more traditional classroom setting. They offer different tiers of membership with the most expensive being 197.89 for twelve months of unfettered access to their site. There are also free options. Zane Education believes that the use of video in the classroom can enhance the educational experience of students. The website is well built, easy to use and the resources are definitely there to enhance learning.


Educents is a marketplace for homeschooling and in the classroom learning. They offer daily deals, and entire curriculum packages to help ease the finical strain of homeschooling. The site is easy to use, and the option to sign up for a daily deal newsletter is welcome. Shipping over $150 in the mainland United States is free but expensive for out of country orders. Educents is working with their affiliates to find better shipping offers and increase availability.


Vitalsource is the type of website that excites me. Doing away with the traditional forty pound bag of textbooks and digitizing them is a welcome change. Vitalsource offers smart textbooks which provide a greater degree of interactivity with your resources. You can highlight directly in the book, easily take notes and subscribe to teacher and classmate right resources. All your books are accessible from your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Sites like this are much better than standing in line for textbooks and far more relevant to twenty-first-century learning habits.

Learn a new language with Transparent Language

Transparent Language Online offers language learning tools for every situation imaginable. They have a brand new look that minimizes distractions and increases the speed of learning. With fifty different language options to choose from and skill building tools, Transparent Language is a good bang for your buck. They offer three different billing options, Monthly at $29.95, every six months at a lump sum of $149.95 or yearly at a lump sum of $199.95. You can take a fourteen-day free trial to see if Transparent Language is right for you.


Better World Books is an online seller of new and used textbooks. They offer books in twenty-five different categories for as little as five dollars. Better World Books offers a book selling service as well and free shipping worldwide. They believe that literacy helps make the world a better place and that’s why they subscribe to a triple bottom line model. They don’t just care about the monetary value, but rather the social and environmental impact of their business.


Simplilearn is a provider of professional certification courses. They started as a blog and now are one of the worlds biggest certification websites on earth. Some classes available are expensive, from marketing to project management. This is a website for savvy professionals looking to expand their knowledge base. They offer a free trial and a subscription service for a small $99 per month. Simplilearn also offers apps for Android and IOS.


Nelsonbrain is a textbook resource that offers free e-book downloads while you wait for the physical text to ship. They offer mobile web apps so you can access your books whenever you need them. They also offer iPad, IOS, and Android apps. Whats nice about Nelson Brain is you can purchase a chapter of a book which is a huge cost saving in the long run. If you only need two or three chapters from your text books, it can save you upwards of forty to fifty dollars to download what you need only.

These are few educational resources you should check out. If you have more to add to the list, leave a comment below.

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