Going to college can be a great time for everyone. It is the time when people are setting themselves up for success in the corporate world, where they’ll finally get started on living life as independent adults. And as with anything that is new, going to college can be quite an adventure unto itself if one doesn’t plan out everything properly.

There are certainly a lot of things that need to be planned out before one can head out to college. However, here are a few things that will go a long way in making one’s college days a lot more memorable than otherwise.

1.) Set Expectations

The most important thing that one must keep in mind before joining a college is to set up an expectation. What this means is that one should plan out everything that they expect and want out of their college life. This will include anything and everything, be it friend’s circle, academics, enjoyment, etc.

2.) Finances

At the end of the day, colleges are a business. Even in countries where universities are technically ‘free,’ are paid for by taxation. If in case one happens to live in a country that doesn’t provide for free education, there should be some kind of planning regarding the way the college would be paid for. To some, it might be as simple as asking parents to finance their education. But to others, it might be a bit more difficult because of financial conditions back in home, making it necessary to opt for a loan.

3.) College Expenses

In addition to paying for the college’s tuition fee, there are also other costs like those for books, travel, recreation, etc. These are the expenses that one will have to incur on a daily basis. There should be a plan to decide the exact way in which this would be taken care of. Suitable options include having a suitable side business or perhaps getting a part-time job.

4.) Transportation

While going to college, traveling about is one of the main things that can be problematic. If one doesn’t stay near their college, the odds are that one will need to find a suitable means of transportation to get around. For this, it might be necessary to buy a bike or a car. If in case that can’t exactly be afforded, it would be great to know more about the available forms of public transportation.

5.) Residence

For those living with their parents, it isn’t going to be much of a problem. But if in case the college is in a different city, it will become necessary to look into a suitable place to stay, be it in the college dorms, a separate house or something else. If in case one is planning to live separately, this should also include the possibility of finding a suitable roommate, so as to share the expenses.

6.) The Degree

There should be an evaluation of the kind of degree one is acquiring and if it is in demand in the marketplace. There are numerous degree programs being offered, but not all of them are equal. Some have better prospects than others. This should be properly considered before taking any decisions on the kind of degree one would want to get involved with.

7.) College

Last but not the least is the college itself. The purpose of going to college is to get an education, which in turn should help one to find suitable employment. This should always be kept in mind. Therefore, one should properly check the college for its reputation, quality of infrastructure as well as the placement possibilities after graduation.

In all, these are some of the most important things that one should look at before going to college. Done right, they will go a long way in making one’s college days the time of their life.