Stressing Out? Five-Minute Activities to Calm Your Nerves

Five-Minute Activities to Calm Your Nerves You might have mastered how to deal with the anxiety of going and attending college, but the pressures of college life may only be outweighed by the stress of entering the job market as a new graduate. It can often seem as though things are happening too fast and you don’t have a moment to catch a breath. That sensation can create long-term and unhealthy levels of stress if you don’t act to bring more balance into your life. Even the busiest people can take just five minutes out of their day to perform these short but effective relaxation rituals.

Take a Hike

Whether you walk around the block or head to your favorite park, getting outdoors and going for a walk is a great way to calm yourself. By only letting your mind wander and taking the time to appreciate nature, you’ll find it only takes a few minutes for your nerves to calm and your stress levels to drop.

Call a Loved One

Whether you call a spouse, child, or some other family member, getting in touch with a loved one can help you put things in perspective. This can be especially helpful, after having received some negative news. Call someone you can trust and take a minute to vent your feelings. You’ll end the call feeling much better about the situation.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Try to choose something uplifting and something with a slower tempo. Listening to music that you like will boost your mood and reduce the anxiety you may be feeling. It may even stir the imagination, which can provide new insight into your problems.

Get Out the Crayons

Coloring books, for adults, are incredibly popular right now, because it’s easy to unwind with one of these books, and only focus on the physical movements of moving a colored pencil to fill a picture. It helps with anxiety and can be great for studying breaks when you need to something different that won’t suck your entire attention away.This is an especially cheap option if you’re okay with printing coloring pages instead, and already have a home printer.


This doesn’t have to be a complicated ritual. You can do it in any relaxing environment, even if that means plopping down in a secluded area on the campus lawn. Just take a few minutes to look within yourself and bring better focus into your day.

Breathing Exercises

This is something you can even do on the go. Just take a few minutes to pay closer attention to your breathing. You’ll probably notice that your breathing is rapid and shallow. Take deliberate breaths that are long and deep. As your breathing slows, you’ll feel less anxious.

Indeed, any of these practices can be expanded, when you have the time to enjoy the experiences more fully. In the meantime, don’t be timid about experimenting with quick relaxation practices. As you reduce stress and bring greater balance into your life, you’ll find that you feel better about your life and you’ll be able to make wiser decisions.

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