3 Ways to Store Your University Assignments

3 Ways to Store Your University AssignmentsWhile every dedicated student wants to keep records of their papers and assignments, even after they’ve been returned with a grade, not every student has a good idea of how to go about storing them safely and securely. But there are plenty of approaches to be had with this particular problem. Here are some suggestions on where you might want to keep your old school essays and exams:

Hard Drive

A portable hard drive is a sensible means of storing papers as most paperwork is done on computers, to begin with. All a student needs to do to store their assignments on their laptop’s hard drive. For those students looking to have a big of some extra security, an external hard drive may be just the solution. All you need to do with an external hard drive is to cut, or copy, the file and paste it into the hard drive. One benefit of an external hard drive is you can easily separate your school work from the various other programs on your computer, and possibly also free up drive space if that becomes a concern.


Ever need to send someone a file that your email just refused to send? Maybe it was too big or the file format wasn’t supported? Dropbox is what you’re going to want to use, in that case. It can be a little confusing at first, but if you are curious about how to use Dropbox, there is plenty of online help to make the transition smoother. As after you send whatever files your friends or professors need, you can upload entire files to its cloud-based server and set permissions on your files so that only the people you want to see your assignments, such as you and yourself only if you so wish.

In Binders or Folders

Although these are one of the oldest means by which students have sorted and categorized their work, folders and binders are still quite useful. Nowadays, students have more options than plain manila folders; folders come in all sorts of colors and some also come with the option of adding colored tabs. Having all of these options means that a student can easily divvy up his assignments by subject, type of assignment, professor, thesis paper and so o1n. This is perfect for students who maybe are a bit sentimental about their assignments and wish to save certain essays or exams with encouraging feedback.

While there are plenty of ways to organize and store a collection of university assignments, no one method covers every need. Consider your assignments, assess whether you need a hard drive, cloud storage or just some folders and use those options to the fullest. And just as good notes are important to keep your grades up, keeping records of where you are succeeding in your classes and where you aren’t is also a good ways to get some good grades.