Do College Students Really Need a Cellphone?

cellphone for college Are cellphones really a necessity for college students? Well, considering that most students have become accustomed to having a phone since they were a child, it would be difficult to go without one. Parents like the ability to call and check on their children anytime, especially if an emergency happens. A cellphone can connect you to a wealth of knowledge, which can help a child excel in school.

Having a Phone Increases Safety

Imagine your child was in a school where there was an incident that involved his or her safety or well-being. Parents of yesterday would rely on the news as they watched and waited for answers. Today’s parents have the luxury of picking up the phone and calling their kids. They don’t need to wait for the news to update them.

Another advantage to a cellphone is that if a college student gets into a situation in which he or she needs help, then he or she can simply press a button. Both in and out of the classroom, having a phone makes life a whole lot safer. No wonder Influence Central is reporting that parents are purchasing phones for their children as early as 10 years of age!

Some Colleges Heavily Depend on Them

Today’s college experience has come a long way. The modern classroom uses cellphones to communicate with students. According to Call Multiplier, schools use mass texting to inform of closings, schedule changes, weather warnings, and even grades or reports. Teachers are more connected to their classes than ever before.

It’s easy to see that students and teachers both depend on these devices to utilize the classroom efficiently. Now that they have experienced how efficiently this device makes things, it would be hard to revert back to not having them. Yet some schools ban something that may help them excel.

But Do You NEED It?

Does a student really need a cellphone? No, a young adult can survive without the advances of modern technology. Look at how many people thrived in the education system before cellphones were commonplace. The problem is that they have become such a part of life that without them, students would have to jump through many hoops, and it would require more time to do things they could accomplish at a minute’s notice.

Sure, students can make college life without a cellphone work. However, those without modern technology readily at hand won’t be nearly as efficient. Students may not need a phone, but it sure helps to have one in the modern classroom. Technology has improved the way people work, learn and live. It’s better to embrace the change and utilize the assistance phones provide.

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