List of essay samples for students

essay samples Writing an essay is not an easy task for many students. Although, students might have good research and writing skills, writing an essay is still challenging for them. Writing an excellent essay does not only take time but also require a lot of practice. Learning from essay samples is one way to practice writing an essay. You will learn the necessary steps and composition that will guide you in writing an essay.

Argument Essays

Argumentative essay is written to persuade the reader to think about a certain point of view. The writer uses certain kind of evidence, opinions of experts, or data to support the argument.

Example of Arguments Essays

  1. Single Parent Struggle by Chris Polito
  2. Legalize It by Lynn Streeter
  3. Puerto Rico walks away from Commonwealth by Jonathan Elosegui
  4. School Choice – An Educational Custom Fit by Mark Liles
  5. School Choice – An Unwise Option by Mark Liles

Narrative Essays

Narrative essay is written to tell a reader a story. The story may be a part of the author’s experience, other people experiences or certain events that happen. The story can be written chronologically, flashforwards or flashbacks.

Example of Narrative Essays

  1. A Bowl of Soup
  2. Making Plans
  3. I Survived High-School
  4. Our Big Trip to State College
  5. My First Computer

Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essay is written to describe something such as an object, person, feelings, events, etc, in detail. In other words, the writer is using words to visualize something to a reader.

Example of Descriptive Essays

  1. The Woods in Autumn
  2. The Meadow
  3. Our Mountain Cabin
  4. A Beautiful Place
  5. The Roller Skating Rink

Exposition Essays

Exposition essay is written to inform a reader about something using facts, statistics or examples. The writer explains or defines a subject so that it is easy to understand. The type of essays includes the comparison and contrast essay, the cause and effect essay, and the process essay or “how to.” The essay focuses on facts, not opinions.

Example of Exposition Essays

  1. Urban Government and Private Development
  2. Nam June Paik Video Innovations
  3. Rethinking Technology in Education
  4. Curriculum Development and Change Essay
  5. Essay on Hamilton And The Economy

Here is a list of websites that offer you essay examples

1. 123 HELPME

The website has tons of essay examples. It covers various of topics such as humanities, health care, science, social issues and much more. It also has many writing resources that will help you in writing a strong essay.

2. Academic Help

The site has a database of free essay samples. You can ask writing questions from an expert or learn how to cite the sources. The site has examples and guides that will help you write the best essay.

3. Apstudynotes

If you are looking for some inspirations to help you with your college admission essay, this is the place. It has over 150 admission essay samples ready to serve you.

4. College Scholarship

If you are looking for scholarship essay examples, you can visit this site to learn how to compose a scholarship essay. It has four essay examples that you can take a look at.

5. Studential

The site has 15 application essay samples that will inspire you to write your own college application essay.

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