Credit Card Fraud Stats - Protect Yourself from Being Scammed

Credit card fraud stats Whether you are already using a credit card or planning to have one, you need to beware of credit card fraud and know how to protect yourself from being scammed. The popularity of the use of credit cards has also shown a significant increase in the number of fraudulent credit card incidents.

More and more thieves are looking for ways to victimize unsuspecting credit card owners and use their accounts for purchases without their knowledge. This does not just involve stealing the credit card itself, but the credit card accounts information too.

In fact, according to statistics, counterfeit cards are the most common fraud type in credit cards. These are fake credit cards that have the actual information of existing credit cards. This makes up 37%, while lost or stolen cards make up 23%.

The use of email and the Internet is also popular in this age, which is why scammers find ways to do their bad acts through these methods. Users must be extra careful when sending their credit card details via these options as hackers can intercept this, allowing them to gain access to the information and use it for their personal purchases.

There are things that you can do to protect yourself from falling victim to these credit card scams. Equip yourself with information and find out the steps that will keep your credit card account safe from fraud.

To help you in securing your credit card and its details, we created a useful infographic containing statistics on credit card scams, as well as things that you can do to avoid them.

Take time to read our fantastic illustration and be safe from credit card scams.

Credit Card Fraud Stats - Protect Yourself from Being Scammed