In the article “Using Your Cell Phone for Talking? That’s So 2007” by Ivor Tossell, the author explains how the cell phone is used to do many things but not the talking. First, the author talks about how new cell phone attracts people with its new features. For example, drop calls feature on iPhone 4 has created a massive attention in the media. The author also talks about the use of the cell phone for talking has declined. For example, the author mentions the recent survey from Neilsen that shows the declining length of the conversation after 2007. The author also mentions that the use of cell phone has changed in the past half century when it was used to communicate but now become more anti-social. For example, people text or talk through a device than talk face to face. All in all, the author concluded that people have a choice whether they want to or not to talk to other people and nothing should be complaining about.


Engkent, Lucia. Skill Set: Strategies for Reading and Writing in the Canadian Classroom. Second Edition. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2011. Print.

Note: Submitted by a student