In the book “The Adventures of Buster Bear” by Thornton W. Burgess, the author tells a story of Reddy Fox adventures in the Green Meadows. First, the author talks about the life of Reddy Fox and his granny, Granny Fox. Granny Fox teaches Reddy Fox to bravely cross over a long bridge. Readdy Fox begins to think of himself being smart after learning so many things from Granny Fox. He tried to fool the Bowser the Hound but fail. He tries to prove himself and shows off to the forest people. He grows careless so much so he fails to see the danger that will befall him. He gets shot when he tries to go near Farmer Brown’s boy but learned his lesson. After that incident, the Farmer Brown’s boy knows where the Reddy and Granny Fox live. At the end, Granny and Reddy Fox have to move to a new place to avoid getting hunted by the Farmer Brown’s boy.