In the book “The Adventures of Buster Bear” by Thornton W. Burgess, the author tells a story of Buster bear in the Green Forest. First, the author talks about the daily life of Buster bear in the Green Forest. The buster bear goes fishing for breakfast and meets Joe Otter. Joe otter accidentally drops his fish because he is scared of the Buster Bear, and the Buster bear catches it. Joe otter is upset with him, and he plans to get even with him. Joe otter tried to ruin Buster bear fishing day but fail. Joe Otter is later advised to befriend Buster bear. Buster Bear and Joe Otter see Farmer brown’s boy in the fishing pond and find out that the farmer Brown’s boy afraid of a bear and run home after seeing the Buster bear’s footprint. Buster Bear is suddenly known as a hero to the little people in the Green Forest because of scaring the farmer Brown’s boy away. A surprising happens when the Buster Bear goes to the Old Pasture to get berries, he picks and eats the berries from tin pail whose happen belong to Farmer Brown’s boy. The Buster Bear is startled and scared by the sound of Farmer Brown’s boy, and he starts to run as fast as he can while the tin pail still hanging about his neck. All in all, the Buster Bear is, in fact, afraid of the Farmer Brown’s boy while the Farmer Brown’s boy becomes less afraid of the Buster Bear after seeing him fleeing with the tin pail.