In the movie “A Street Cat Named Bob” by Roger Spottiswoode, the movie tells a true story of how James Bowen, a busker in the UK recovering drug addict after he met a stray ginger cat who later changed his life. The story begins when James comes home and finds a cat rattling around in the kitchen eating food. He lets the cat eat and stay until morning. In the morning, James goes to the city to busk but the ginger cat follows him to the bus stop and gets on the bus with him. He decides to go busking with the cat that he names him Bob. Money people start giving him more money when he is busking with the cat. He also sells the big issue magazine with Bob successfully. From that moment, his life changes. He becomes more responsible than before. He goes everywhere with Bob. He takes care of the Bob while he is in the process of recovering drug addict. In conclusion, the movie recounts the true friendship story between a young busker and ginger cat named Bob.