Tips for Avoiding Fraudulent Activity on Your Credit Card

Tips for Avoiding Fraudulent Activity on Your Credit Card Credit card fraud is unfortunately extremely common. Last year, credit card fraud was the most frequent type of fraud committed. To avoid the consequences of credit card fraud, it’s important to actively protect your card and its information. These are a few of the steps you can take to avoid credit card fraud.

Review Your Transactions

One of the best ways to keep track of your credit card activity is to regularly review your credit card transactions and statements. With the increase in digitization, you can often access your credit card statements from your phone. This makes it increasingly easy to regularly review your past purchases. If you check your statements regularly, you’ll be able to notice right away if any fraudulent activity shows up. It’s important to immediately report any suspicious activity to avoid any further charges or possibilities for identity theft. If you do notice suspicious fraudulent activity on your card, report it to your credit card company right away. They’ll be able to cancel your credit cards and stop you from receiving any further charges.

Protect Your Information

When using your credit card, it’s important to put protecting your information at the top of your priority list. Don’t purchase any items from unsecure websites. These websites can save your information and access your accounts if you’re not careful. Additionally, be sure not to allow any websites to “save your information” for future purposes. This makes it as easy as hacking your account for people to have access to your credit cards. Although this option is less work than typing in your credit card number for each purchase, it is less secure. College students are one of the most vulnerable groups to identity theft. Be sure to never give out your credit card information, and to only use secure websites for your purchases.

Keep Your Cards Safe

Protecting your physical cards is equally as important. Keep all of your credit cards and other important cards in a secure wallet. After making a purchase, immediately return your cards to that spot. Try not to make it easily accessible for an outsider. Keep your wallet in an inner pocket within your purse or coat. Don’t keep it in one that can be accessed without you noticing. Don’t leave your cards out at all in restaurants or other scenarios.

Dealing with credit card fraud is an incredibly difficult process to go through. Not only is it financially damaging, but it causes a lot of stress and can have many lingering consequences. Be sure to take adequate precautions to keep your credit cards and other important information safe.

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