There are several reasons why cell phones benefit people. The first reason is that mobile phones make communicating easier. For example, people can make phone calls and video calls anytime and anywhere. They can also send text messages, email, and connect with their friends on social media using their cell phones. The second reason is that cell phones are convenient to use. People can easily carry their mobile phones wherever they go because it is wireless and portable. Also, cell phones are easy to operate. For example, people can easily access the features using the touch screen and voice control command. Finally, cell phones provide many features and apps that facilitate the user needs. For example, people can use a camera feature to take multiple pictures, make a video and audio recording. People can also take a photo of their check and deposit it through their mobile banking app. Similarly, they can make purchases using their mobile payment. They can browse and find information on the internet using their cell phones. To sum up, these features make people’s everyday lives easier.