There are many benefits of online shopping. First, online shopping allows customers to find certain items on the internet conveniently. For example, the customers can search particular item on a search engine to locate the web address to buy the item. They can also compare the price of the goods on many different web sites. Second, online shopping saves time. The customers don’t have to spend a lot of time shopping at the store. The customers can easily search what kind of items that they are looking for using computers or mobile devices at home. They can add as many items as possible to the shopping cart and pay online. They do not need to line up at the cashier to pay for their items. Third, online shopping can save some money. The customers don’t need to spend more on travel to the store. Also, many merchants offer a significant discount to clients who purchase the items online. In short, online shopping makes it convenient for customers to buy items without the need to leave their home.