Mahatma Gandhi was one of the well-known freedom fighters in India whose efforts were not only touched by Indian civilization but also touched people throughout the world. Mahatma Gandhi led India to freedom and motivated people for national rights around the world. The most famous moral of life (line) he taught was “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT SEE IN THE WORLD” Mahatma Gandhi’s journey to begin as a freedom fighter was when he returned to India in 1915s when he set organization peasants, farmers and urban laborers to protect against land tax. Through next 7 to 8 years, he led nationwide campaigns for easing poverty and increase women rights. As time passes he challenged the British to imposed salt-tax within the 300 to 500km in Dandi Salt March around the 1930s that were later called British to “Quit India” for a free country. Due to the act of violation of the rules lead Gandhi imprisoned in jail for many years. As soon as he was free, he attempted to practice a non-violence rebel and always spoke the truth in all situations that later became an excellent example to others. In the process of getting freedom, the new Muslim nationalism was demanding a separate Muslim homeland carved out of India. Even with great difficulties of one nation pulled apart by its people, Mahatma Gandhi managed to fall the British Empire with the Rebel. Due to his attempt of trying over and over again let the British Empire grant India its independence in the year 1947. It was why Mahatma Gandhi was known as one of the greatest freedom fighters around the world.