Ashoka the Great movie is a remarkable story that almost reflects the original events that took place in the past. A legacy of the Great King Ashoka is foretold for many centuries, with great detail in interest which is more amusing than the movie itself. The movie has many events replicate the important ancient historical events, locations, and weapons used in 300 BCE.

In movie Ashoka, the Grate shoots some of the original events that took place in Ancient India around 300 – 400 BCE. First at the beginning of the story when Ashoka’s mother (The Queen) commands her son to leave the comforts of the palace and move in with commoners and understand the hardships of an ordinary man. Second, the event takes place in the middle of the movie when Ashoka’s half-brother sends some men to kill him so he could inherit the thorn but he was saved by his friend and protector. Thirdly, after his recovery, he comes back to the kingdom where his half-brother stemming with angry came up with another attempt to eliminate Ashoka. The fate has it he was saved, but the king (their father) got killed. The events described in historical books came to life in the movie.

Weapons were one of the most important things need for survival in ancient time. Some of the weapons used in the film are tulwas, Khanjar, katar, and chakram. Tulaw is a curved sword, khanjar is a steel ax, and katar is a form of a dagger with a handle shaped like a letter H and round steel quoit helmets and metal sleeves for hands and arms. These weapons were used in the movie to fight and defend themselves with newly carved detail, and sharpen detail. There is also a museum and palaces that have weapons with are decided to have been used in the past by the soldiers.

Anywhere in the world, in any historical event or movies, there needs to be a location, a place where the incident took place. Shown in historical records, King Ashoka had rule other than India, like Afghanistan to Bangladesh, Assam to Central Asia. In the movie, this event takes place only in some parts of India such as Mumbai, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Nasik, Rajasthan, and Kerala. The more land a king takes, the greater the power of his strength increases.

In Conclusion, the historical event and the movie Ashoka the great is paralyzing with each other like sun and moon facing each other side by side. A story of a great king to change the course of history not physically but virtually before he died. After he had died, he left the great legacy that is foretold in many versions for centuries, and one of them is the movie based on the Great King Ashoka.