Whether you need a career change or a lucrative career in IT industry, learning the right skills and knowledge from the experts is a way to do it. There are many ways you can do to teach yourself how to code without the need to go back to university to pursue a degree in computer programming. One of the popular websites is a codecademy.com. There are so many things you can learn from codecademy.com from making a simple website to making complicated apps.

Here are some of Codecademy success stories that will inspire you to become an amazing coder.

From lawyer to iOS developer William Ha found his success through Codecademy

William Ha is a lawyer who worked in a Quality Assurance at an ad agency that involved in producing websites. He became interested in a work that his friends were doing at work. He joined Codeacemy to learn more about coding in the hope that he would become an iOS developer. He built four apps and won a team Hackathon and started getting callbacks and interviews. “I feel great, and I feel like I made the right choice. The power of the software industry is undeniable,” he said. Read the full story here.

From retail to Front-end

Saadika Alard was working in the retail industry before she later moved to become a Front End developer at Mann Made Media in Johannesburg. Her journey with Codecademy truly helped her to pursue a career that she loved. “Codecademy has helped me learn everything I needed to move forward in my career. This learning has helped me overcome challenges in my life and taught me never to give up if something doesn’t work. Find your motivation to do something challenging and different.” She said.

Building an app to simplify doing taxes

If you are doing your taxes using a SimpleTax app, then you should probably know that SimpleTax app was developed by Jonathan Suter who learned at code academy to build his SimpleTax app. He learned about HTML, JavaScript, Python. He was able to create a website, front end components of the app and some server automation tools. He advised everyone who is interested in learning a programming language to seek mentorship from experienced developers and ask questions to find your answers. Read the full story here

From journalism to coding pro

David Bauer is a journalist who decided to code. He started to code, but after just one month of coding, he gave up coding for six months. However, he finally got back to coding after he realized that “[it] could really lead somewhere.” In the process, he was able to launch a web app called Instacurate that helps people get the best out of Twitter. He keeps aspiring coders and helps them with his new book “a book on my whole programming quest.” He hopes he will continue to make programming a more integral part of his daily work apart from journalistic work.

Read the full story here

Two teenagers from Texas codes a calculator

Joah Gerstenberg and Haley Higgins are both home-schooled. They had been learning a programming language as part of their school curriculum, and they both also learn Javascript on Codecademy. They were able to build a calculator II after completing the course on Codecademy. Read the full story here