Getting an education is important, but the most important thing is not to stop learning. Knowledge can be acquired from anywhere, and skills can develop over time. Here are some inspiring stories how edX students find their success through free online courses.

Inspiration story from Akshay Kulkarni how edX courses helped him land a job at Microsoft.

“All of these edX courses played a huge part in my getting a job at Microsoft”_Akshay Kulkarni, Age 22.

His story began when he was in a college. Although he wasn’t accepted into a premier institution, he managed to get into Computer Science program at a local engineering college. However, “he found the classes uninteresting and didn’t learn anything substantially” [edX blog]. He then tried taking edX courses to further his knowledge in Computer programing. Long story short, edX journey brought him to success, getting a job at Microsoft. Read the full story from edX blog here.

edX is an online learning destination and MOOC provider founded by Harvard University and MIT. Read our post here.

A mother pursued education through edX and planned to transfer credit to Arizona State University to earn a degree.

A busy schedule doesn’t stop Morgan Richards to pursue her studies. He enrolled in edX and began her journey towards a degree that she was going for.

“I loved that I could take my classes anywhere, in Dubai and Phoenix, and those classes can transfer to ASU courses,” she says. “I took my classes when my kids were at school or after I put them to bed, allowing me to pursue my education without sacrificing family time.”_Morgan Richards.

Read her full story on edX blog here.

Vina Fitriani: Using edX courses as a Teacher

Vina used edX courses to foster her teaching skills. She enrolled in Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer and Entrepreneurship 102: What can you do for your customer? From MITx. As well as other courses such as biology and chemistry from Kyoto University. The results astonished her. She said, “This experience has yielded some excellent results: more students enrolled in my entrepreneurship class, my math students scored high scores in their national exams, and my biology students earned higher averages.” Read her story from edX blog here

Matt Reimer: Taking online programming course through MITx and develops a driverless tractor app to accelerate harvesting.

Matt Reimer is a farmer from Manitoba, Canada. He took MITx programming course on edX and later was success developing an app that can remote-control a tractor to accelerate harvest production.

Read his story from edX blog here

Sam Hatfield: From a Bookstore Lay Off to REI Blackbook Developer with edX and LaunchCode.

When he was laid off from his previous job at the bookstore, he took edX CS50x course and later helped him to land a job at REI BlackBook. “After three months as an apprentice, they offered me a full-time, salaried position as a Junior Developer,” said Sam Hatfield.

Read his story from edX blog here

“No matter where you get an education, in the end, it is you that can only determine your success.”