Having a college education is great but it doesn’t mean it is a must have for everyone. It is not the end of the world If you can’t pursue your college education. There are many ways to educate your self without a college education. You can pursue your education through free online courses.

Here are some inspiring stories how free online courses help students find success in their professional fields.

Charlotte Stevens found success after completing Johns Hopkins University’s Data Science courses on Coursera. She is earning more salary than with her previous job.

“I came out of university never having learned to apply myself independently. I realized it if I was going to in anyway in my job, I was gonna have to do it myself. I found Coursera on Reddit thread, the courses I originally took were mainly from Johns Hopkins University.[..]”

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From an entry-level job in data and analytics to a job at Amazon.

“Coursera really formed the backbone of my education. It focuses on not just learning a skill, buton deep conceptual understanding and mastery.” _Dough Wade

Dough Wade graduated with a double major in English Literature and Russian Language. He then got a job as an entry-level job in data and analytics, but he felt unqualified. He was introduced by his roommate to Coursera where he later enrolled and expanded his skills in database management and software engineer. It then changed his future from an entry-level job in data and analytics to a job at Amazon.

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From undergrad to Google hire, Max found his success through Coursera.

Max B was enrolled in an undergraduate business degree at Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland, but he was then realized that he is more into data and programming. He then joined Coursera to get to know more about R programming. After completing some courses at Coursera, he applied for an internship at Google. To his surprise, he got the interview because of his high knowledge in R programming that he built in Coursera. Long story short, he got the internship and continued building his Coursera credentials before he later got a full-time job at Google.

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Python skill helped Dutta got the job.

Dutta was a student from India. He loved to take Coursera courses which helped him excel in his studies. He learned Python language and later helped him to land a job. “For my job interview, when I mentioned that I knew Python, the interviewer was surprised because it’s one of the least known and taught computer languages here and so it gave me an edge over the others. I was even asked to write some python code. This is why I got the job,” Dutta said.

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From office administrator to developer

Patricia was interested in learning computer programming, but she didn’t want to go back to college and spend money on it. She came across Coursera and took Coursera course Programming for Everybody (Python). When she was laid off from an office administrator, she was then looking for another job. She immediately got a new part-time job as a developer because of her Coursera credentials. “With just months worth of training from Coursera, I got a web developer job. Coursera gave me the confidence that I do know what I’m doing and feel like I can succeed in this field,” Patricia said.

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