Essay High students are leaders of tomorrow who should be oriented on both their life choices and career paths. After all, the reason students get enrolled in schools is to get both formal education and find the perfect career path that will lead to success and future happiness. Students, therefore, need guardians and counseling from their parents, mentors, and teachers so that they don’t go astray when it comes to making appropriate decisions about their lives. However, it is better to orientate and not force students into particular careers. The reason is that students have minds of their own and they will hardly excel in a career they have outrightly declared a lack of interest. It is important to help students choose a particular career and decide a career goal. No matter how profitable a career is, a student needs to make up his mind to pursue it or else, he may not succeed in that path. The reasons why parents, high school teachers and mentors should orientate or give career guidance to students.

Teachers and parents can better evaluate student’s skills and potentials. It is true that children are born with unique talents and potentials. However, people can acquire new skills accurately as long as they are interested. Most parents have lived long with their children to know the areas they excel well. Teachers too on the other hand deal with these students every day in high school and they know the potentials of each student. It is, therefore, wise for parents and teachers to counsel and orientate students on what career path to take because they have spent a lot of time with them to know their strengths and weaknesses in various disciplines.

Parents and teachers can predict the future job market. One of the biggest challenges to getting a job upon graduating is the fact that most students want into fields with saturated job markets. The reason is that while choosing their career options, they didn’t consider the jobs that will sell in the long run. According to a 2013 CIBC World Market Report, “students aren’t gravitating towards well-paying careers in a way that reflects the changing labor market”(Dubé). With that said, teachers and parents are knowledgeable and very informed about both the present and future economic trends. Teachers just like most parents can predict the career options that will be relevant for some years to come. Remember that students are being trained to have great careers in the future. Parents and teachers should, therefore, intervene to orientate these students on the careers that will still be relevant for a very long time. Such guidance will prevent them from frustrations over the inability to land a great job upon graduation from University.

Teachers and parents know the personalities of each student. The truth is that some jobs require a certain degree of commitment and concentration whereas other jobs are less demanding. Some jobs also require unique personalities and people lacking such personalities may not excel well in those careers. For instance, one needs to be bold and confident to pursue a career in Acting or Journalism. An introvert will rarely make a good journalist because he may not be able to put himself all out there to do investigations. Social skills and personality, as well as the ability to work in groups, can influence the choices of one’s career. Parents and teachers are therefore in a better place to orientate students about career options because they understand the personality of each student concerning particular jobs.

Teachers and parents act as support and motivators. Sometimes, students want to pursue a particular career, but they tend to doubt themselves or lack the motivation to do so. However, parents and teachers are there to assure these students that they are good enough and equal to the task. Parents and teachers are there to motivate these children to become whatever they decide to be in the future.

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