Essay Some people live in their hometown for their entire lives. They tend to have to sentimental attachment to their home city. It may be due to many factors ranging from family, jobs, property, friends, neighbors, and the environments in general. However, not everything is within the confines of one’s place. With many benefits can only be found outside one’s home, every person should at least leave their hometown once in their lives time.

First, people tend to have limited knowledge outside their world if they never leave their hometown. They don’t seem aware of other cultures. Although with advanced technology in today’s world people can easily access information outside their world, it is still not the same as going outside their hometown. People can get a better sense of outside world when they see it directly. Also, Leaving hometown gives one opportunity to meet new people and learn from their experiences. Those experiences will shape one’s views of the world. Meeting new people will break the stereotype of another group of individuals. Furthermore, people will learn more about different environments when they leave their hometown. They can feel different weather conditions than their home place. For example, individuals who live in a hot climate can taste the cold weather in winter in the certain region. They learn how to survive in different environments too. People will gain a broader perspective of the world when they explore the outside world.

Another reason is that many job opportunities are opens when ones have the courage to leave their hometown. Many professional jobs are only available in the big city. Big institutions such as real estate, banks, government and other financial institutions happen to be in a big city. Never leaving hometown prevent someone to get this job. Also, jobs available in the city offers more perks to employees than working in one’s hometown. They can get better health and dental plans. The jobs offered are mostly financially stable. Also, many excellent employment opportunities often require moving. For example, fewer people may take a position as marine biologists working in extreme weather condition. So people may think twice to consider the job although the salary offered is quite high. Staying in one place may make ones missing out these great opportunities.

Finally, experiencing other places will make people appreciate their home. Many people take for granted what their hometown has to offer. For example, people may get a job in their local hometown easily without needing extra work. When they look for employment in another region may require more effort. It teaches the person to have high ambition and determination. Also, living in different place trains a person how to survive. It is not easy to navigate the life without the comfort of friends and family. But it teaches a person to be tougher to handle a whole different situation. Some special memories about hometown are always in one’s mind. It is not replaceable. The farther one has traveled, the further makes a person wants to return. People never knew where their heart is until they get out their comfort zone and experience other places.

In conclusion, leaving hometown may be difficult, but the benefits outweigh the risk. People should at least get out of their comfort world to gain a step closer to understand the outside world, seek new opportunities, and make the experiences worth the effort of leaving.