Essay Undoubtedly, not everything we learn come from schools. Learning is a life long process. We continue acquiring knowledge from the time we born through out our lives time. Although schools are the medium for acquiring knowledge, experience teaches us more than just required skills but life.

First, not all learning takes place in a classroom. We need to study extensively outside the academic work to gain more knowledge which not taught in a classroom. For example, to study Greek culture, students need to visit Greece to learn more about the people and the culture. Another example will be studying biology subject. Students are required to observe the plants to get the sense of what the plants do. Also, not everything we can understand from a book. Ones cannot know how to swim without learning directly from an instructor. They need to practice to swim. They also need to continue practicing their swimming skills to be a better swimmer. Furthermore, people need to learn from other people experiences. Many successful people learn from other people experiences too. For example, a writer learns to be a better writer by adopting the writing style of a famous and experienced author. Learning is not limited to one way but many.

Another reason is that many jobs require more experience over education. Many high paying jobs are available to people who have many previous experiences. For example, to become a technical writer needs at least to have three years of expertise in the precise subject matter. Many people didn’t complete their education but are successful becoming a well-known person such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates because of substantial long-term experience. Also, some IT industries require their candidates to have relevant work experience before being considered for a job. The employers often prioritize practical skills over education. The employees need to demonstrate their IT skills. Furthermore, new entry level jobs also often require significant work experience. Many students often must gain work experience from volunteering before they graduate. Having enough experience is the first step to employment opportunities.

Finally, experience teaches individuals to be successful in life. Experience shows a person to be tougher facing the future. When people experience failure and difficulties, it serves as a learning tool and makes a person wiser. It allows a person to learn from mistakes and avoid making the same ones. Also, experience teaches a person to be more mature. We can’t control everything. Life is complicated to predict, but our experience allows us to be more cautious of what might come forth in the future and be ready for any situations. Learning from observing other behaviors can be helpful too. When we see the following consequences from unwanted manners, we will refrain from that behaviors. Experience is the best teacher in life.

In conclusion, although students acquire theoretical skills in the classroom, it does not mean much without the experience that puts students into practice in the real world. Learning through experience is more beneficial to students than learning only from a classroom. It gives us practical experience over theoretical knowledge. Learning through experience is vital to students to achieve what life’s all about and how to achieve the goals.