gift for a cozy christmas The Christmas is coming. Have you come up with some lovely gifts for your family, loved ones, or your college friends? No matter how busy you are with your college life, you may need to spare some time preparing lovely gifts for them. Check out the list below for some incredible idea

When I ask my boyfriend what he wants for the Christmas, his answer always is “I love whatever you give me.” Well, not the kind I want, but if he asks me the same question, I won’t have any better response.

I love Christmas gifts, we all do. However, the question “What do I want for Christmas?” is still hardly solved. If you are searching for the answer, or merely want some bright ideas for your loved ones’ presents, I think the list may help.

1. A good book (or book set)

Classic, but never old. You will never forget the happiness on your dear friend’s face when you get her a set of Harry Potter special edition for 2017. Do you remember her House? Yes? So choose the right version for her. You detective boy will love the Sherlock Holmes you give that he will hug you for eternity.

book set

A newly-published book is also quite charming if it is of the kind your friends love. You can get them something for their study as well. A Black’s dictionary will be helpful for someone pursuing Laws major.

2. An Amazon Kindle

Books are lovely, but sometimes you cannot bring them around. You can solve the problem with an Amazon Kindle. Your friends and family can read every time, everywhere without bothering about the bulkiness of thinks books.

An Amazon Kindle

An Amazon Kindle is light-weighted and small enough so you can put it in your handbag. It has the automatic light-adjusting setting that can control the intensity of the screen light. You will never have to worry about your eyes while reading with an Amazon Kindle.

3. A year’s worth of Netflix

Sound too simple, but it’s the favorite of many people. Christmas will not be complete without being with your loved ones around the fireplace watching a delightful show. You will enjoy having a Game of Throne or Walking Dead marathon with them.
The gift is also practical and useful over the year. Every time your friend turn on the Netflix for the newest episode of her favorite show, she will remember you. Sound fascinating, doesn’t it?

4. A sturdy backpack

If your friend or relative is a student, a bag is always a good choice. The gift will come in handy every day of his schooling routine. Make sure your option is durable enough to hold all the learning material of a university or high school student for a long time.

A sturdy backpack

A backpack is also essential for people who love traveling. People are choosing the one over a valise for their light weight and convenience. If your friend is a hiking lover, you should pick a backpack with bottle holder outside so he can grab a drink in a blink.

5. A gym membership

A gym membership
Students and office workers are spending too much time sitting at the desk. Over time, the habit will cause them many physical problems. Therefore, a gym membership will be a thoughtful gift. Not only does it show you love, but also helps you care for your friends and family.
The gift is easy to obtain with variable prices. You can choose a training combo with a private trainer for your family members. Training without instruction may lead to bone issues. Besides, a trainer will encourage you to work out more and recommend suitable diets.

6. A photo album with photos included

I remember when I was a kid, my favorite bonding activity with my family in Christmas is looking at the old album and laugh at ourselves at the moments. You will give your loved ones the precious bonding time, too, by giving them the gift.

A photo album

You can get an album effortlessly at any store or souvenir shops. The costs for printing photos from your USB is no longer pricey, thanks to the technology development. After some hours, you will get a load of lovely images featuring your friends and family.

7. Plenty of favorite treats in a large jar

The gift will be the most glamorous one of the season; you have my word. Will you gasp in awe when someone gives you a jarful of colorful, lovely, mouth-watering candies and gummy bears? You will. So will your friends and family.

Treats in a large jar

However, if you are about to choose the gift, be a bit considerate about the safe sugar intake of your loved one. People with diabetes cannot have candies. Young kids must have parents’ observance while having treats. Girls tend to like the idea more than boys, and the young prefer it more than the elderly do.

8. Excellent music albums

The Christmas will be much more splendid with the calming music from a vintage phonograph. If you cannot have the said disk player, at least get your loved ones their favorite music album. We can never get enough of The Beatles or Westlife in or life.
Best Songs for Christmas is always an exquisite choice. Imagine your house will be much cozier with the delightful atmosphere made by the music. You are seeing the holiday coming, aren’t you?

Have you got the answer to the question “What do I want for Christmas?” yet? Well, we hope you have, because the holiday is imminent, and we all want to see the delighted expression on our loved ones’ faces when they unwrap the presents given by us.
The list is made based on the trendiest options of the season. If you have any suggestion, please let us know so we can recommend other people. Wish you and your family a lovely holiday together.

Note: Photos by Pixabay